Targeted Incentives

Engage people to achieve your business objectives

Sales Incentives

Sales people are motivated and rewarded by achievement. Introduce a scheme designed to drive every member of a sales team to maximise their individual potential and increase sales for the business. >>Learn more

Channel Partners

Help guide a person with direct influence over a sale to recommend one product or service over another. They can increase market share, profitability and value-added sales with a measurable return on investment. >>Learn more

Customer Loyalty

Is vital to any business. Our innovative points-banking platform is proven to deliver increased and repeat sales. >>Learn more

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Branded Reward Website

We create for each client their own company branded and themed reward website which is easily accessible by phone, tablet or desktop computer. It has been carefully designed to be engaging, fun and intuitive so that each salesperson becomes motivated to reach their targets and earn their rewards.

A username and password are issued for security and the user is welcomed to their account with custom messaging, they can browse to see how many points they have earned and where they can choose from an enticing array of over 3,500 rewards, experiences and days out.

We deliver the reward through our own distribution facility to a home or business address and can include a client’s training materials and communications making the whole experience personal, unique and memorable.

Simple PAY-AS-YOU-GO Model

• No set up or management fees!

• Only pay for the points you award

• Guaranteed ROI

Set Targets & Goals

• Reward points are allocated to each product or sales category.

• For each qualifying sale, data is collated and points awarded.

• If required targets can also be set where points cannot be redeemed until a pre-determined criteria is achieved, such as percentage sales increase over last year or number of new accounts won.

Engagement & Registration

• A client may have contact data and know exactly who they want to include into the programme or may want to invite new registrations.

• We handle all these elements with the client having control of the vetting and authorisation process so only required participants are activated.


• A Targeted Incentives Programme is ultimately flexible and can be amended and updated on-the-fly to respond to changing requirements.

• For example: should a target shortfall mean a specific product or category needs to be driven harder for a short period of time then additional reward points can be immediately allocated to stimulate sales.

• We handle email and paper-based programme communication with participants to achieve maximum sales impact.

Management Tools

• Clients also have direct access to the reward platform administration so they can upload images, messages and other updates to drive engagement and topicality.

• There is also a suite of Management Information tools available to easily help review the return on investment from the scheme.

• Implement leaderboards that communicate to participants how they are performing in relation to their peers.


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