Sales Incentives Schemes

Sales people are motivated and rewarded by achievement. Our exciting points-based Sales Incentive Schemes are designed to drive every member of a sales team to maximise their individual potential and increase sales for the business.

We work with clients to set their objectives creating a budget with clear return-on-investment goals. There are no costly set-up, licence or management fees to diminish the budget, all the client’s resources are used to stimulate and motivate their sales teams to achieve their targets.

How it Works

We offer a no-obligation consultation by telephone, a web demonstration or an onsite meeting taking time to really understand the desired outcome of your Sales Incentive Scheme. 

We will demonstrate the options to configure the scheme based on your specific needs and circumstances. Following which a transparent quotation with no hidden costs will be presented to fully evaluate the benefits and return on investment.

We create all the collateral needed effectively introduce the scheme to your sales team.

We help generate scheme registrations via both on and offline communications tools such as video messages, e-shots, taster brochures, letters, leaflets and posters:

Verified sales data is uploaded into the platform and the user receives an email to notify them of their new award. They can log into their account to check the balance and browse the exciting new rewards they have earned.

We have a variety of features which can be included as part your Sales Incentives Scheme reward website. These have been designed using our comprehensive knowledge and experience of what helps to engage and motivate Sales Incentive Scheme participants.


    Reward points are allocated to each product or sales category. For each qualifying sale, data is collated and points awarded. If required targets can also be set where points cannot be redeemed until a pre-determined criteria is achieved, such as percentage sales increase over last year or number of new accounts won.
    Our schemes offers the ultimate in flexibility to reflect changing priorities and include the ability to easily and instantaneously add or amend targets and to change the points awarded to products or categories.
    Can be used to clearly display the performance of individuals or teams. Participants can then compare their achievements against their peers.
    Photographs and images can be uploaded directly into the website homepage banner to highlight exemplary performance and by awarding additional points helps to create a competitive environment.
    Users can create their own personal reward wish list. They can see how many more points they need to earn in-order to be able to redeem the reward and once they have sufficient points the item becomes highlighted in the list, so they know they can now redeem the reward.
    Include questionnaires within the website to be completed by scheme participants. Help obtain direct feedback data to aid training and development or acquire market intelligence.

We take care of everything from website design and communications to the sourcing and home delivery of the reward, since 1990 we have delivered over 2 Million high quality items to delighted scheme participants directly from our distribution facility in Cheshire.

A friendly dedicated account manager is responsible for each scheme, participants can contact them directly via the reward website or can email or phone them directly. They are on hand to answer any queries and to provide a first class user-experience.

Clients also have direct access to the reward platform administration so they can upload images, messages and other updates to drive engagement and topicality. There is also a suite of Management Information tools available to easily help review the return on investment from the scheme.


Client Feedback:

“The scheme ran for an initial period of 6 months, then extended for an additional 6 months due to a positive response from the sales team and the significant increase in both sales volumes and profitability.”

Branded Reward Website

We create for each client their own company branded and themed reward website which is easily accessible by phone, tablet or desktop computer. It has been carefully designed to be engaging, fun and intuitive so that each salesperson becomes motivated to reach their targets and earn their rewards.

A username and password are issued for security and the user is welcomed to their account with custom messaging, they can browse to see how many points they have earned and where they can choose from an enticing array of over 3,500 rewards, experiences and days out.

We deliver the reward through our own distribution facility to a home or business address and can include a client’s training materials and communications making the whole experience personal, unique and memorable.




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