Recognition Mailbox

Share customer feedback and praise

Engage your employees and improve your customer experience with the Recognition Mailbox. Getting positive feedback from customers gives employees a morale boost and encourages excellent customer service.

Using the Recognition Mailbox module in the 360 Recognition Platform, customers can easily share how they were affected by one of your team members.

The result? Your business collects more praise from customers, and your employees feel more engaged by hearing positive feedback from customers about their work.

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Benefits of The Recognition Mailbox

  • Build employee engagement by sharing customer praise with employees
  • Encourage more positive customer feedback by making it easy
  • Gain visibility for what’s important to your customers
  • Easily spot your top talent
  • Collect and share Customer Testimonials in one place
  • Integrate with 360 Recognition for tangible rewards and additional employee recognition features

How Does it Work?

When you use the Recognition Mailbox module of the 360 Recognition platform, customers can recognise your employees who provide exceptional service.

The feedback is submitted to a queue for a manager to review.  With a click of a button, managers can reward the employee and share the customer’s comments within the department or organisation.

Easy-to-use reporting tools make it simple for managers to spot their best talent and even provide additional recognition.

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How Does it Work?

Capturing Patient Feedback in Hospitals and Healthcare

For hospitals and medical facilities, the personal narratives about great quality of care are a powerful tool.  This information is instrumental in improving retention, identifying top talent, and becoming a hospital of choice for both patients and staff.    Positive feedback from patients is a major motivator and an important way to improve nurse morale.

Voluntary turnover in healthcare is significantly higher than the average across industries, and it’s rising. Solutions like TerryberryReward’s Recognition Mailbox are a great choice to help healthcare leaders combat burnout, build a positive culture, and retain nurses and staff by providing the positive feedback and recognition employees need to thrive.

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Capturing Patient Feedback in Hospitals and Healthcare
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