Read on for general pricing guidelines to help you budget for your recognition programmes.

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Return on Investment

Effective employee recognition can mean the difference between a surviving business and a thriving business.  Research proves recognition is the #1 driver of employee engagement.  Organisations that excel in employee recognition consistently achieve 200-300% ROI through reduced turnover, improved productivity, higher customer retention, and ultimately better profitability.  Contact us for research that demonstrates the ROI of Recognition.

General Pricing and Investment Guidelines

Overall Investment
On average, organisations spend 2.7% of payroll on employee recognition programmes.  TerryberryReward can customise an employee recognition programme to fit virtually any budget.

360 Recognition Platform
starting under £250 per month with one-time setup charge

Organise all of your recognition programmes in one easy-to-use platform, starting under £250 per month for up to 99 participants. One-time initial programme setup charge is based on features, options and level of customisation.

Starting at £250/month

Give points for the contributions that make your business go: safety achievements, sales benchmarks, wellness goals, and more.  Starting at £250/month for up to 99 users.  Unlike many of our competitors, points are invoiced at redemption, not issuance so you don’t pay for what you don’t use.  One-time initial programme setup charge is based on features, options and level of customisation.

Long Service Awards
Awards for all budgets

Mid-range investment for long service awards is £25-35 per year of service. This means a 5-year award would be valued at £125-175.

Give a WOW Social Recognition Programme
Starting at £99/month

Get started with Peer-to-Peer Recognition, social media-style in under 5 minutes using TerryberryReward’s self-serve model. Starting at £99/month and no setup charges!


Badges and Custom Recognition Jewellery
Starting at £10 each with a one-time tooling charge

Create a one-of-a-kind jewellery award your recipients will treasure.  Initial artwork design using your symbol and customisation is complimentary, and a quote will be provided at no charge.  One-time tooling costs start at £250.  Emblems, rings and watch prices vary depending on metal quality, size, jeweling, and quantity.

Recognition University
Webinars start at £1500, Onsite Training starts at £3750 + travel

Learn why recognition is important and how to do it right with onsite training events at your location, starting at £3,750 plus travel expenses.

Award Presentation Kits
From £10 – 100 each

Enhance the recognition experience with personalised award presentation kits.  From £10 – 100 each.

Aspirations Exclusive Rewards
starting at £5

The Aspirations reward collection offers thousands of employee awards with options for any achievement level from day-to-day spot awards starting at £5 to high-value rewards for significant career achievements.


No Budget? That doesn’t have to stop you from recognising your valuable people.  Check out TerryberryReward’s FREE TOOLS for ideas and resources that don’t cost a dime.


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