Sample Appreciation Letters

For Peer-to-Peer Employee Recognition

If you’re implementing a peer-to-peer employee recognition programme at your organisation, you’ll need an effective way to communicate the programme’s features and importance to employees.

Encourage your staff to draft their own coworker recognition letter when they notice colleagues going the extra mile. Use the following templates to inform staff about your employee recognition programme and foster peer-to-peer employee recognition.

Letter One

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Welcome to [company name]’s staff recognition programme – “Appreciate, Celebrate & Congratulate.”

The goal of this web-based program is to enable you to provide instantaneous and personal recognition when one or more of your co-workers goes above and beyond in their job duties.  “Appreciate, Celebrate & Congratulate” is a fun way to provide visibility for successes, identify rising stars, encourage positive personal interaction and communication, and make appreciation of each other a habit.

Please enjoy browsing the award categories and have fun choosing the perfect gift for yourself.

Thank you, and have fun “Appreciating, Celebrating & Congratulating” your co-workers!

Letter Two

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to [company name]’s You Hit the Mark! page, the new home of our peer-to-peer recognition programme. This interface is designed to allow our employees throughout the world the opportunity to recognize the excellence and achievements of their co-workers.

This new program will help [company name] continue to foster a culture that values leadership, innovation and customer service excellence as we all work to achieve our mission of protecting and improving human health worldwide.

As we all work together to support [company name] and its mission, we want to ensure that we take opportunities along the way to celebrate and recognise each other’s successes. Our peer to peer You Hit the Mark! program is one way we remind each other that each and every contribution is valued and noticed.

Thank you for the many ways you invest yourself in the vision we share. The hard work of each employee contributes to [company name]’s great accomplishments!



Letter 3

Hello [company name] Team!

As part of our P-O-W-E-R culture (People, Opportunity, Winning, Empowerment, Respect) we’ve decided to provide this website to enhance the visibility of our team’s great work!   Last year we created a higher level of people recognition through our Admirals Club and town hall presentations.   With this new tool, all of us can now participate in the process of giving recognition.

Now, it’s important to know that we want to celebrate the small wins, just as much as the big wins.   Not all recognition will receive a gift or a reward, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable to the company.  Watch for your Managers and Directors to grant special awards each month.

Additionally, we will utilise this site as a central hub for not just rewards and recognition, but also for other communications.   In order to streamline the information we send to you on a weekly basis, you will begin to see that much of that routine email traffic now being routed to this site (instead of to your over-flowing inbox).   So, for updates relating to sales rankings, birthdays, birth announcements, and other – look to this website for that important info!

Each week you will receive email reminders that the site has been updated which includes a link to take you directly to the content.  Like all tools, this site will be as valuable as you make it!  So let’s get started. If you see your colleagues doing something great then take the time to recognise them – AND remember this year to Navigate, Accelerate, and Explore!


EMEA Sales

Letter 4

rip-ple: verb \’ri-p?l\

1: to flow in small waves
2: to move with an undulating motion or so as to cause ripples
3: to have or produce a ripple effect

Every day there is inspirational work being done in the global businesses of [company name]; someone making the extra effort to ensure our continued success.

As a growing and changing business, it is easy to get caught up in the fast-pace culture necessary to remain a market leader, but it is important that we don’t lose sight of employees who exemplify our Values and take action to deliver outstanding results for their coworkers, the company and our customers.

In an attempt to better recognise these special efforts, we are launching an employee recognition programme which we are calling — Ripple.  It is a new approach & opportunity providing an easy way to recognise our coworkers who have gone “above and beyond” to complete a task, or who have epitomised one of our core Values through behaviour and action.

At the end of the day, we perform and deliver as a team and applauding the efforts of our coworkers through the Ripple program is an excellent way to recognise individual & team contributions to our overall success.

Make a Ripple!