Social Recognition

Make employee recognition visible, familiar, social

Give a WOW! is the perfect platform for social recognition that helps businesses create an authentic and dynamic culture of appreciation. Employees can give and receive recognition for great work. The social media style recognition wall allows your employees to share the successes and contributions that happen throughout your business. Flexible for businesses small and large, Give a WOW highlights your organisation’s core values so that each recognition moment reinforces your mission on a daily basis.

Introduce Social Recognition in your organisation

Give a WOW connects people to each other and a shared mission through genuine appreciation:

  • Easy to use
  • Simple to manage
  • Creates visibility for successes
  • Provides instant recognition
  • Helps identify rising stars
  • Communicates YOUR corporate values
  • Encourages a positive workplace culture

Discover the difference that Give a WOW can make in your workplace. Contact us for a demo or to learn more about TerryberryReward’s Give a WOW peer to peer recognition programme.

How it Works

The Give a WOW Difference – Why a Social Recognition Programme is Important

A little appreciation makes a world of difference – especially in the workplace. To perform at their best, employees need to know that their hard work is noticed and appreciated.

Managers might not be around to witness each and every employee achievement. Often fellow employees are the ones who experience their peers’ contributions first-hand. They might notice a situation when a co-worker stepped in to help in the eleventh hour. Or, they might know an employee who takes on extra tasks frequently and without complaining.

Peer to peer employee recognition programmes can help your company foster a sense of community and teamwork. When employees are able to publicly recognise each other for a job well done, it can add a big impact. It can also be a much more effective system in today’s global environment, where managers or other supervisors may not even be in the same location as their employees.

Inviting employees to participate in giving recognition for great work when they see it is an important way to engage everyone in your organisation. TerryberryReward’s Give a WOW programme for peer-to-peer recognition awards allows employees to do just that.

Give a WOW Pricing

Give a WOW Quickstart

  • 1-50 users £99.00/month
  • 51-99 users £187.50/month
  • 100-249 users £250/month
  • 250-499 users £312.50/month
  • 500-999 users £375/month
  • 1000-4,999 users £437.50/month
  • 5,000-9,999 users £687.50/month
  • 10,000-20,000 users £1,250.00/month
  • 20,000+ users £2,500.00/month
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Give a WOW PRO

Give a WOW PRO can be custom-configured for your organisation’s needs. Here are just a few of the additional options available in Give a WOW PRO.

  • Add tangible awards options to your programme
  • Banners and buttons bespoke branding
  • Advanced permissions settings
  • Custom nomination review workflows
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Location, department, and team directories
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
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