Building Company Culture through Employee Engagement and Recognition

The Impact of Organisational Culture on Employee Motivation

Building company culture is extremely important in today’s business environment. More and more, companies like Google are being held up as the gold standard, offering a fun work atmosphere and multiple perks. And while not every business can be Google, having a clearly identifiable culture at your company provides significant advantages.


Why Is Company Culture Important?

Your employees may pick up on your culture long before you do. They’ll understand whether the company fosters collaboration, teamwork, innovation, risk taking and other characteristics. This matters because an environment that doesn’t fit with employees’ personalities and needs will create discord and stress. When culture aligns with employee values, you’re much more likely to have satisfied, relaxed, comfortable employees.


How Organisational Culture Affects Business Performance

When employees recognise a positive company culture, they are more willing to put forth extra effort on important tasks. Their jobs are not necessarily just working for a paycheck – they feel like part of a larger purpose. Companies that engage their employees and create a strong culture “attract the best talent, have the lowest voluntary turnover rates, and are more profitable in the long run,” according to a recent Deloitte University Press article.


How to Improve Company Culture

It’s clear that culture and employee engagement play a large role in the success of your business. So how do you go about creating organisational culture? Start by listening to your employees. What are their concerns; what would make their lives and jobs easier? Implement their suggestions, within reason, to the best of your ability.

You should also plan to develop an employee recognition programme to acknowledge successes. When people are recognised and appreciated for their efforts, it goes a long way toward making the workplace one where they want to be. There’s a wide variety of recognition programmes out there, and TerryberryReward can help with just about anything you’re looking for.

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