Corporate Christmas Gifts

Take away the hassle of employee gift giving this Christmas

Part of the stress in considering gifts at Christmas for employees, partners and customers is created because there is often such a range of ages, cultures, religions, personalities and individual tastes to take into account that choosing a gift that will suit everyone is challenging – but it doesn’t have to be that way!

In just 4 simple steps you can offer your employees a company branded Christmas Gift redemption website!

We can help you get your corporate Christmas gift scheme up and running in as little as 5 days.

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1. Decide value of gifts

  • Set your budget (starting from £25 per recipient).
  • Include or remove as many gifts or categories as you desire from our Aspirations Reward Collection.
  • You can set a small range of gifts (e.g. 1-20), medium (e.g. 20-100), or have a large range (3,500+) – it’s an entirely up to you!


2. Branded gift selection website

  • We provide you with your own branded employee Christmas gift redemption website (free of charge).
  • Include your company logo, colour themes, as well as a welcome page with a personalised message or video.
  • Your recipient can browse the gift range at their leisure, in the comfort of their own home on a mobile or tablet device and select the gift(s) they like, using the points balance you have awarded them based on your budget.

3. Gift communication

Whether you wish to send out directly, or let us send out on your behalf – we have flexible solutions to communicate to your recipients their log-in details, which can also include your company branding and colour themes.

For example your unique corporate Christmas gift website address and recipient usernames and passwords can be sent via:

  • Email
  • Letters
  • Log in Cards

4. Delivery and aftercare

We deliver each gift directly to the recipient’s home address and our UK customer care team are on hand via Live Chat, telephone or email to assist and ensure recipients enjoy a smooth ordering process, answering any queries they may have.

  • We will provide you with full reporting and management information.

Client Interview

Clare Stead, Head of Human Resources & Training, Exemplar Health Care 

Clare took the time out to talk to us about her experience with TerryberryReward and the bespoke corporate Christmas gift scheme we helped her introduce, which Exemplar Health Care have continued to use every year since 2015.

  • The scheme allows Clare to reward her staff at two different price levels whilst providing the recipients with a choice of gifts from individual products to hampers.


Exemplar Health Care help people with mental, physical and learning disabilities by providing a more personal approach to care. They wanted to actively encourage this approach within their organisation by showing their own employees the same level of thought via a bespoke corporate Christmas gift scheme.

Q. How did you discover TerryberryReward?

“I discovered TerryberryReward through a colleague who had used the service at a previous company and had positive feedback from the experience. When I enquired online about the service I was impressed with how quickly a member of the team got in touch and came to visit me on site.”

Q. How was the set-up process for your corporate Christmas gift scheme?

“The set-up of the scheme was really quick and easy, very much an enjoyable and stress free process. From start to finish I was kept informed of each step and approved everything before it went ahead, although I must admit TerryberryReward knew exactly what I wanted and I had no issues with what they put together for us.”

Q. How helpful were TerryberryReward?

“The best part of the process was the customer service from the staff at TerryberryReward, every person I spoke to was extremely helpful and friendly and I can’t fault anything with the service. Any questions I had were answered straight away and any information I required was sent very quickly. Everything I asked was never an issue and was always answered.”

Q. What has been the response to the corporate Christmas gift scheme?

“The feedback I have received has been very positive. All employees I have spoken to who have received their gifts have been more than happy with the quality and how fast they arrived. The fact that employees have been able to select a gift of their choice has also been well received and made the gift more personal to each individual.”

Q. Would you recommend TerryberryReward?

“Yes, definitely. The customer service has been excellent, the process was made extremely simple and the gifts are all of high quality, no matter what your budget.”

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