A few of our clients

We help organisations across all industries and business sectors.

For over 30 years we are the UK’s premier supplier of reward, recognition and incentive schemes. Some of the biggest names in business trust us to deliver on their behalf. We provide a complete service, taking the hassle out of the process and freeing up our clients time to concentrate on their business.

We help businesses across all industry and business sectors, our services help small SME’s and huge multinational organisations. We understand that each business is different and our services are always tailored to help match our client’s unique needs and requirements. We take time to understand our clients target demographic and we provide offline as well as online solutions to help provide the best results and highest engagement levels.

Our clients represent a variety of industries, including health care, financial, manufacturing, hospitality and service, technology and education.

What our clients are say


“A wonderful surprise having reached a milestone in my career, I was so excited looking through the Aspirations rewards collection online.

The rewards range on offer is superb, something for everyone, I am truly grateful to my company for the recognition, and for choosing TerryberryReward to manage the scheme – both of whom are simply the best in my opinion.

Thank you!”

TESCO Employee

“I discovered TerryberryReward through a colleague who had used the service at a previous company and had positive feedback from the experience. When I enquired online about the service I was impressed with how quickly a member of the team got in touch and came to visit me on site.”

Clare Stead, Head of Human Resources & Training at Exemplar Health Care

“We were already aware of TerryberryReward’s excellent service levels due to the fact that we use them for the supply and management of our long service award scheme, so it only seemed natural to take advantage of TerryberryReward’s resources to help us motivate our distributors and sales staff.”


“As part of the measurement of our scheme we send out questionnaires to see what our colleagues think about the scheme. A good number of the returned questionnaires have remarks which show the scheme is motivational. For example, one lady wrote to us saying she really appreciated the ‘thank you’ for all her hard work and looked forward to reaching her next milestone with us.”