Manager-Driven Recognition

Tools for effective employee recognition

Powerful, yet cost-effective employee recognition platform makes it simple for managers to give their employees the recognition they need to thrive.

Managers can reward their teams on-the-spot for great work, review nominations from peers, and access powerful reports to spot rising stars and identify mentoring opportunities.

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Why Manager-Driven Staff Recognition is Important

As leaders in the company, managers’ recognition of employees often carries the most weight. When recognised for a job well done by their manager, employees’ morale can be boosted considerably, leading to more pride in their work and in the company as a whole. A manager-driven staff recognition programme is a great way to ensure employees feel they are receiving the appreciation they deserve and that their efforts are being noticed.

A Robust, Flexible Recognition Tool for Managers

A layered, permissions-based structure enables you to give managers, supervisors and directors oversight of their groups and a budget to recognise their teams.  Tiered administration levels are available for teams, departments, locations and divisions.

The AwardYourTeam element of the 360 Recognition Platform offers these features:

  • Easy to use
  • Interactive format allows for peer participation
  • Reports help managers identify rising stars
  • Recognition is connected to your team’s core values
  • Encourage positive employee-manager relationships
  • Provide rewards for great work

How does AwardYourTeam work?

Team Leaders have a budget for recognition

With the AwardYourTeam module in the 360 Recognition Platform, your organisation provides a recognition budget that managers can use for discretionary recognition. Your chosen budget level for each management role is deposited into the manager’s profile in the form of points.  Points Banks can be replenished on your timetable.

Supervisors can give discretionary rewards to their staff

Using AwardYourTeam, managers award points to individuals or groups in the moment when great work occurs. Team leaders have flexibility to reward their staff instantly for the behaviours that drive results.

Employees receive appropriate rewards

Rewards are given in the form of points, which can be redeemed for quality items from top lifestyle and luxury brands. Awards are expertly curated and backed by TerryberryReward customer service.  You have the convenience of an all-in-one platform and the confidence that your employees organisation-wide will receive a quality reward and a positive experience that appropriately reflects your organization.

AwardYourTeam provides accountability

AwardYourTeam provides visibility and structure so that you can be sure recognition is being given with appropriate frequency and fairness throughout your organisation.


TerryberryReward Makes Manager-Driven Staff Recognition Easy

Online options for staff recognition programmes make it simple for managers to recognise their employees. Whether your team has 3 people or 300,000, the robust and flexible platform can be configured to fit your business model.

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