Reward Employees with a Performance-Based Points Scheme

Encourage great work with an AwardPoints employee rewarding programme. The employee point reward scheme continuously motivates individuals to do their best work. It also allows members of management to express appreciation for employee contributions and commitment with an employee performance reward. Watch the AwardPoints video to learn how our employee reward programme works.

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TerryberryReward Makes Rewarding Performance Easy

Our online platform allows you to quickly and simply assign reward points to employees, and employees can easily redeem their points for exclusive rewards including jewelry, housewares, electronics, lifestyle and leisure items, and more. Our turnaround times for delivery are the fastest in the industry, meaning your employees can expect to receive their rewards in a timely fashion.

AwardPoints is a natural fit for performance recognition of any type

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Employees Earn Points that Can Be Redeemed for Awards

With Terryberry’s AwardPoints programme, participants earn points for excellent work. Award points can be easily awarded on the spot or through pre-determined achievements.  Participants can collect award points and redeem them from a collection of thousands of award options.

Employees Earn Points that Can Be Redeemed for Awards

AwardPoints Helps You Accelerate Performance

  • Give reward points for the contributions that matter most to your business
  • Participants collect and redeem points for rewards and gifts from TerryberryReward’s large selection
  • Cost-effective, flexible, and easy-to-use
  • AwardPoints works for organisations of all sizes, whether you have 20 participants or 20,000
  • An easy-to-use dashboard makes administration simple
  • Built-in email notifications let employees know when they’ve earned points
  • Nondesk participants can print brochures, statements, and certificates
  • Supervisors can monitor account history and employee progress
  • The AwardPoints website is bespoke, featuring your organisation’s brand and your core values
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AwardPoints Helps You Accelerate Performance

What Terryberry Customers Are Saying

“We chose Terryberry because of the great selection and the great customer service.”

– Sumisho Global Logistics

“The [employee awards] brochures look great. I’ve flipped through all of them and I believe Terryberry has upgraded their choices and kept the prices manageable.”

– Christine, Marlow Industries

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