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Why is Employee Recognition Important?

Research consistently shows that competitive pay and benefits aren’t enough to attract, retain and cultivate the best talent. To increase job satisfaction, you must create pride and foster loyalty at every level of your organisation. Employee Recognition is #1 driver of employee engagement.

3 Steps to Building an Employee Recognition Strategy


How long does it take to set up a programme?

Very little of your time is required to set up or administer a TerryberryReward recognition programme. It is our job to get your programme up and running so you can enjoy the benefits without adding to your workload. If you need a programme today, the self-serve model of TerryberryReward’s Give a WOW programme can be up and running in minutes, or TerryberryReward can set you up with an online awards catalog for recognition gifts in a matter of days.  More expansive programmes that include integration with your HR software or other customisations may take 1-4 months to implement. We will work within your timeline to make sure your organisation’s recognition programme is ready when you are.

Is it important to brand our recognition programme and awards?

To be truly effective, an award must be unique and exclusive. Include your logo or brand in a classic, understated fashion to reinforce the connection to your organisation and the achievement. This is what makes an award special to earn; it’s not just something that the individual could purchase for themselves.  In the same way, consider the communication materials associated with your recognition programme. These should reinforce your employer brand and your core values to participants.

How do I determine a recognition award budget?

On average, organisations invest 2.7% of payroll in their employee recognition programmes. Typically, organisations spend between £25-£35 per employee per year of service for a long service award. This translates to a 5-year award that is between £125 and £175. What your group chooses to invest may be dependent on the age of the company, type of business and, of course, budget.

Click here to download free Reward & Recognition Benchmarking information.

How do companies differentiate between levels of service or achievement?

Both a five-year employee and a twenty-year veteran deserve to be recognised. However, there should be an increase in both real and perceived award value for the employee with more longevity. To recognise ongoing or exceptional performance, you may opt to use a sequence of gemstones and diamonds, or increase the value of the award choices available to your most senior people or higher achievements. TerryberryReward proposals include specific recommendations based on years of experience in creating award programmes.

Are recognition awards taxable?

As an employer providing long-service awards to your employees, you have certain tax, National Insurance and reporting obligations.

You don’t have to report or pay on a non-cash award to an employee if all of the following apply:

they’ve worked for you for at least 20 years

the award is worth less than £50 per year of service

you haven’t given them a long-service award in the last 10 years

For example, you can give a non-cash award with a value of up to £1,000 for 20 years’ service.

Any cash you award to an employee counts as part of their earnings. You must:

add this amount to your employee’s other earnings

deduct and pay Class 1 National Insurance and PAYE tax through payroll

You do have to report long-service awards if they are a part of a salary sacrifice arrangement.

Visit gov.uk/expenses-and-benefits-long-service-awards for more information.

Once I have placed an order, how long will it take to get the awards?

For most products delivery can take up to 15 working days, but is often received in a week. TerryberryReward prides itself on meeting your delivery requirements. Should unforeseen circumstances cause an immediate need, we will do everything possible to get your awards in time for presentation.

Is an awards presentation important?

The presentation of an award is arguably as important as the award itself. An appropriate and thoughtful presentation will be remembered for years to come. Want to know more?  Download TerryberryReward’s award presentation cheat sheet or visit our recognition speeches page for tips on how to give an effective award presentation.

I’ve earned an award from my employer.  How do I redeem it?  

Please contact the administrator of your organisation’s recognition programme for information on how to receive your award.  Our customer service team is also available to help.  Contact us at info@terryberryreward.com.


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