Targeted Incentives

Recognise and Reward Top Performers with Incentive Schemes from TerryberryReward

Incentives schemes from Terryberry Reward engage and motivate your group to achieve targeted goals and fuel the drive to win.

Our team at TerryberryReward can help you design and execute effective targeted incentives for sales growth, channel partner sales, or customer retention.

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Drive Results with Targeted Incentives

Sales people are motivated and rewarded by achievement. Our exciting points-based Sales Incentive Schemes are designed to drive every member of a sales team to maximise their individual potential and increase sales for the business. We work with clients to set their objectives creating a budget with clear return-on-investment goals.

Targeted Incentives are Ideal for:

  • Sales Incentives
  • Safety Awards
  • Customer Retention
  • Channel Partner Incentives


Branded Reward Website

We create for each client their own company branded and themed reward website which is easily accessible by phone, tablet or desktop computer. It has been carefully designed to be engaging, fun and intuitive so that each salesperson becomes motivated to reach their targets and earn their rewards.

A username and password are issued for security and the user is welcomed to their account with custom messaging, they can browse to see how many points they have earned and where they can choose from an enticing array of 4,500 quality products, experiences and dining options.

We deliver the reward through our own distribution facility to a home or business address and can include a client’s training materials and communications making the whole experience personal, unique and memorable.

Exciting Rewards Selection

With rewards ranging in price from £5 to £1,500, we have handpicked the best brands across a range of product categories, including;

Expert configuration of your incentive scheme

We can help you identify the measurable contributions that positively impact your business, and develop a performance recognition scheme that drives continuous improvement year after year. TerryberryReward’s experienced team can help guide or implement any or all stages of your incentive scheme:

1. Design

Identify performance metrics and thresholds (set a standard). Develop a tiered reward and recognition programme structure to motivate all levels to higher performance.

2. Communicate

Develop a theme, website, digital campaign, print, etc. Keep the programme visible throughout the campaign.

3. Measure

Implement performance leaderboards that communicate to participants how they are doing.

4. Award

Design a bespoke award package that represents elite performance.

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What TerryberryReward Customers Are Saying

“The scheme ran for an initial period of 6 months, then extended for an additional 6 months due to a positive response from the sales steam and the significant increase in both sales volumes and profitability.”

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